Terms and condition


Current general selling conditions have, as a object, the purchasing of DRINK STORE products; realized through internet on our website www.drinkstore.eu thet belongs to POLARIS SRL whose legal head office is situated in POLARIS SRL, con sede legale in 53021 ABBADIA SAN SALVATORE, VIA ESASSETA 64, P.IVA 01475490528. each and every purchasing operation will be regulated by the following laws: 185/99, 206/05. The law article 1270/03 regulate all the informations about contract's conclusions instead; the privacy rights are regulated by the law 196/03.


Products selling contracts in the website "www.drinkstore.eu" are considered closed at the purchasing order arrival sent by the client to POLARIS SRL if accepted by the online shop.POLARIS SRL will send immediately a recipt directly to the client ,so thet he can be aware of the total order and accept the current general terms and conditions.


Under the law article n°13-196/2003 POLARIS SRL inform you that all kind of personal data understood by us even verbally,refering to the commercial relationship will be treated with respect and regulated by the law article mentioned before, as the privacy rights regulated by the law article n°7-196/2003.


The client is compelled to real carefully the general selling terms and conditions before sending his purchasing order. He is also compelled to print out the general conditions after his order has been closed and sent.


With the expedition of the final online order, the client sent to POLARIS SRL the request to buy that product or all the products who are in the basket. Once the all products selected by the client will be all in the basket he accept to purchase them at the price, terms and conditions listed before. POLARIS SRL will then communicate the confirmation and acceptance of the order.


POLARIS SRL will not accept orders if:
- The product ordered is not available in the shop
- The client refuse to pay with credit card (pay pal) or bank transfer


The product's characteristics are well illustrated online, you can easily find it in the description sheets along with the prices and delivery expenses(expenses are incluted if the payment is done though cash on delivery). Before the order submission the price of every products selected will be revised. In case of more purchasing there will be a recap of the total amount along with delivery expences. Once the order will be submitted the client will recive a confirmation email about: the order reception, the info reguarding the products purchased, the specific price, delivery expences, paying methods and a reference about hte general terms and conditions. Following the laws article 223 "MANOVRA BIS" Art.37 8-9 converted with the law 248 made on the 4th of August 2006 which entered to force on the 12 of August 2006 in which is obligatory to communicate the client and suppliers list in case of invoice emition following the law 78 emitted on the 31th of May 2010, converted in law 122 on the 30th July 2010 that underline the necessity to request all clients VAT in the designed area.


Clients can make the payment by selecting the following methods:

If the client select this method can also use paypal process, suitable to keep the privacy of clients data. For further info please consult the website www.paypal.com
Payment with bank transfer can be done with the belows details:
IBAN: IT 77 M 03268 71750 052546693650
By using bank transfer method, the product will be sent to the specified address after the credit has been recived(two-.five working days after the bank transfer has been done). To accelerate the process client can send the payment recipt along with the order's number by fax at +39 0577 775535 or email us at info@drinkstore.eu


The purchased product along with the invoice will be delivered by courier to the specified address given by the client. Specific demands have to be presented by the client to POLARIS SRL.
POLARIS SRL guarantee the delivery within 15 working days starting from the transation confirmation date (concering cash on delivery payment the 15 days will start from the email order arrival). Clients selecting cash on delivery payment, have to be aware that the payment has to be done exclusively by cash or cashier's check and must be given to the courier at the delivery moment. In case of non-delivery because of client absence at the given address, the curier will leave a notice and try again later. If beneficiary turn out to be absent again, goods will be resend to POLARIS SRL.


Products purchased from the website drinkstore.eu are under the regulation of the consumation goods. The product delivered are in compliance the characteristic illustrated online in their descriptive sheets. POLARIS SRL is responsable towards the client about the defective compliance existing at the delivery moment.


Client has the right to seek help from the retirement right, he can also rescind from every contract with POLARIS SRL, without penality and without specify the cause within 10 working days from the delivery.


Retirement right can be done sending a written notice to POLARIS SRL address (within the above-mentioned deadline) through registered mail with reception notice. Retirement notice can also be send through telegram or fax confirmed by registered letter with recipt sent within the following 48 hours. In case of retirement's right implementation the notice will be send to this address:
If product has been already delivered, the client is compelled to sending it back to POLARIS SRL within the next 15 working days from the delivery date. The product has to be send back to POLARIS SRL, equipped of every accessory and everything it was delivered to the client in the first place, including its original packaging. The product must be sent back along with a copy of the recipt of the original order. The client is also in charge of delivery expences to send the product back. If the retirement right is done by following the instructions illustrated in this cause, POLARIS SRL is compelled to the refound of the amount payed by the client .
In particular, POLARIS SRL will proceed to the refund relative to the cost of the good delivered. With delivery expences included within 30 workin days starting from the date in which has been relised that the retirement procedure was active. This operation will happen through the credit card institution used to make the payment so the amount will be refund directly in the bank account specified by the client. POLARIS SRL has the right to reject every kind of product returned with different arrangements from those specified above, this also include the products whose delivery expences have not been totally payed or if arrangements and times haven't been respected from the client.


In lack of partial or total payment of the total amount, POLARIS SRL has the right to declare the suspention of the contract by sending a comunication to the client affirming that the arrangements have not been respected by the law article 1456.


For every kind of complain or clarification the clint has to call at: +39 0577 776106 or email us at info@drinkstore.eu you will be called back for clarification within 3 working days from the request.


This contract is reguòlated by the italian laws. THE autority and the conciliation centre in case of any legal action towards the buyer will take place in the Siena courthouse. In case of POLARIS SRL victory in any legal action the client will refund the entire expenced included lawyers and legal expences supported by POLARIS SRL for his defence.